Powder Coat Line

June 2022 – Urbana, OH: Parker Trutec recently purchased and installed a Powder Coat Booth and Batch Oven. The new booth and oven were installed to support an upcoming customized project for a global company. The Powder Booth is capable of processing large parts up to 10’ in length, 9’ in height and 9’ in width as well as smaller parts. PTU has the capability to change powder colors quickly using our custom Parker Ionics Proficy controller. In addition to numerous color options, we also have the capability to process different Powder types, Thermosets and Thermoplastics. This new process enhances our Ecoat base layer and adds Powder properties resulting in a superior corrosion resistant product for our customers. The addition of this new process and capabilities positions Parker Trutec Urbana to expand sales opportunities in the future.



Powder Coat Booth