Zinc Phosphate

Zinc Phosphate

Parker Trutec’s multi-purpose coating system produces phosphate films that provide rust protection, enhance a metal-to-rubber adhesion and improve break-in during heavy metal-on-metal contact.

Lubrite 2 is a manganese phosphate film that offers wear resistance and lower friction coefficient.

Zinc Phosphate is an ideal pretreatment to metal parts prior to applying wet paint or powder coating.

Zinc Phosphate (880 & 181):

  • Offers improved rubber to metal adhesion.
  • Used as a primer coat and short term corrosion preventative.

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Zinc Phosphate Coating

Parker Trutec’s Urbana, Ohio facility offers world class phosphate and bonderlube services for customers in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. With three different sized phosphate lines under one roof, we provide the convenience and flexibility your company needs to meet the demanding requirements of today’s manufacturing environment.

Zinc & Manganese Phosphate Applications

Oil Seal Rings (Zinc Phosphate)

Transmission Gears (Lubrite 2 Manganese)

Pretreatment before Wet Paint and Powder Coating (Zinc Phosphate)

Parts Requiring Rapid Break-in and Reduced Friction (Lubrite 2 Manganese)