Solid Lubricant Paints

Solid Lubricant Paints

Parker Trutec offers a family of solid film lubricant Defric coating paints. The Defric trade name is specific to a brand of product that Parker Trutec is licensed to secure and apply in North America.
The specific properties of Defric solid film lubricant paint is as follows:

  • Spray applied to metal product generally after the addition of a pretreatment phosphate application
  • Material is oven baked at a high temperature after spray application
  • This coating offers high strength film that facilitates lubrication
  • Provides reduced wear during break-in conditions
  • Yields outstanding corrosion protection

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Paint Stripping Coating

Parker Trutec’s Urbana, Ohio facility offers world class solid lubricant paint services serving customers in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. We provide the convenience and flexibility your company needs to meet the demanding requirements of today’s manufacturing environment.

Molykote by Dow Corning:

  • High Loads
  • Low Speeds
  • Dirty or abrasive environments
  • Mating Surfaces that are inaccessible after assembly
  • Run-in for new or rebuilt equipment

Defric Coatings:

  • Termal Stability
  • Oil and Fuel Resistance
  • Reduced Friction during Metal-to-Metal Contact
  • High Load Tolerance and Improved Break-in