ElectroCoating (E-Coating)

What is e-Coating?

Electrocoating (also known as E-coating) is a process in which metal parts are dipped into a paint bath and a Direct Current (DC) charge is applied to create an electric field within the E-Coat paint bath. This electric field causes an attraction between the Electrocoat paint and the metal substrate. The attraction results in the E-coat paint adhering to the metal part which provides uniform coating coverage and superior long-term corrosion protection.


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Parker Trutec’s Urbana, Ohio facility offers world class electrocoat (e-coat) services serving customers in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. With two different sized E-coating lines under one roof, we provide the convenience and flexibility your company needs to meet the demanding requirements of today’s manufacturing environment.

Added value sets Parker Trutec apart from the rest
OEM Service Parts

Parker Trutec is proud to lead the North American Auto Industry in E-coating large “Class A” Service Parts. Parker Trutec offers a number of specialized services designed exclusively for the OEM service part customers including a number of specialized services including palletization of Electrocoated products, sheet metal panel cutting, hem sealing & T-Stud welding, individualized packaging labels, full EDI capabilities, on-site short term warehousing, and small sub assembly operations.


Parker Trutec operates on-site warehousing for the short-term storage of coated products. This state of the art warehouse offers real time inventory control and first in first out shipping and scheduling.

  • Additionally our warehouse shipping is fully EDI capable
  • Multiple docks and a trailer parking yard for easy drop-off / pick-up
  • On-site trailer handling equipment
Coating Lab Testing
  • Digital film thickness
  • Pencil hardness
  • Scribe adhesion
  • Surface roughness
  • Hot salt water soak
  • Salt spray / humidity
  • Baking temperature mapping
  • Scanning electronic microscope with energy dispersive xray spectroscopy › Profilometer
  • Impact Tester
  • Bend Tester
  • Gravelometer

We’re partners with the best

Parker Trutec has partnered with the best in the coating industry to provide the very best chemistry in e-coating processing including:

Performance requirements

Parker Trutec’s Electrocoat process (also known as E-coat) offers metal protection that is among the highest of any coating technology available. Our metal protection performance meets all of the following characteristics:

  • Paint Color: Black
  • Film Thickness: 15 Microns or Higher
  • Film Hardness: 2H or Greater
  • Passes – 1000 Hour Salt Spray Test
  • Passes – 100/100 Scribe Adhesion Test
  • Passes – 50 Cycle Cylic Corrosion Test
  • Passes – 240 Hour Hot Salt Water Soak Test
  • Passes – 240 Hour Humidity Resistance Test
  • Passes – 240 Hour Warm Water Soak Test

Parker Trutec’s E-Coat process meets or exceeds most automotive specifications including:

  • GM 4350M
  • GM 4384M
  • GM 9984017
  • GM 9984070
  • Honda 5100Z-SE0-0000
  • Honda 5100Z-SG0-A000
  • Honda 5100Z-TR0-6000
  • Honda HES D2021
  • Toyota TSH2354G
  • Toyota TSH3600G
  • PACCAR CMT0030
  • Ford WSK-M2P-153-A5