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Parker Trutec Lab Upgrades & Capabilities

June 4, 2020 – The Parker Trutec (PT) Group has upgraded lab capabilities with two new pieces of equipment, the Singleton Salt Spray Chamber, and the Nikon MA200 Metallurgical Microscope.

Singleton SCCH: The Singleton Salt Spray Chamber will allow for in-house corrosion testing. This will make it possible to help customers, both new and old, with new product launches. PT can test side by side raw parts, as well as parts treated with PT’s own nitride, to prove corrosion capabilities. With the Singleton SCCH, PT will be able to fit parts up to 32x20x26 inches.

Nikon MA200 Metallurgical Microscope with Brightfield/Darkfield/Polarizing Light/DIC: With Nikon’s most advanced metallurgical microscope, the Eclipse MA200, and innovative design, PT will be able to analyze parts better than ever before. This microscope combines captured images with data on observations to allow for more comprehensive documentation. PT will now be able to better serve customers by using an in-house lab, to ensure any and every specification coming from the customer or their met.