Parker Trutec, Inc. MMI TN Poised to Accommodate new Business with Addition of Belt Blaster

November 4, 2019, Sevierville, TN – Parker Trutec, Inc. MMI Sevierville, TN location added a new 4-wheel Rossler Belt Blaster in May 2019 to replace the existing Belt Blaster to increase throughput and cut down on labor hours. With the addition of this machine, efficiency was increased to allow for a third shift to operate and new business to be added. While the workload was shifted to the new equipment, the previous Pangborn Belt Blaster was refurbished to accommodate new business. In early October the Pangborn rebuild was complete. With the Rossler and Pangborn both up and operating, Parker Trutec, Inc. MMI looks to add $1 million in sales for 2020.