Parker Trutec Announces Installation of New Fully Automated Isonite Line

Parker Trutec Springfield is pleased to announce the installation of a new, fully automated Isonite line that will improve efficiencies and capacity to our existing line.

Isonite (AMS 2755) is a high-performance variety of salt bath nitriding process, also known as Liquid/Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC) process. It is a thermochemical diffusion process whereby nitrogen-bearing salts generate a controlled release of nitrogen at the interface of all ferrous parts. The process is highly effective on materials that are difficult to nitride such as stainless steel, high chromium, and cast-iron parts along with all other ferrous materials.

Brake backing plates are a main product focus for the new line. Isonite offers excellent bonding strength between the brake pad and plate along with high corrosion protection on the assembled brake pad. Isonite is a proven process for brake plates with over 30 years of processing with 60 million plates processed per year, worldwide.


  • Low Material Distortion Following Treatment
  • Create Resistance to Abrasion and Seizure
  • Excellent Sliding Wear Properties
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Fatigue Resistance is Extended
  • Pitting Resistance Improvement
  • Heat Resistance
  • Material Tensile Strength and Stiffness are Enhanced
  • Improved Durability

Parker Trutec Heat Treatment Plant located in Springfield, Ohio is a full-service heat treatment facility servicing a wide variety of customers including Automotive, Appliance, Firearms, Medical, Heavy Equipment and Industrial. The heat treatment processes include Isonite, Isonite QPQ, Gas FNC (GSN), Carburizing, Carbonitride, Neutral Harden and Normalizing. We also offer value added processes such as shot blasting, vibratory polish, and centerless buffing. There is a full metallurgical lab for inspecting parts and 10 degreed engineers to work with our customers to develop a long-term, consistent, reliable process.

To learn more about Parker Trutec please contact Alan Wollenberg awollenberg@parkertrutec.com or Sam Hudson shudson@parkertrutec.com.