Continuous Gas Carburizing/Carbonitride Capabilities

January 15, 2021- Parker Trutec (PT) heat treating capabilities include a continuous gas carburize/carbonitride furnace line and supporting equipment. These furnaces are ideal for processing parts that require a medium to high case depth, normally above 0.5mm effective case depth. Larger volumes are preferable to achieve maximum efficiencies. Parts are racked into fixtures, designed specifically for each component’s dimensions, to allow for proper spacing and orientation ensuring consistent case depth and hardness, while minimizing distortion.


The line includes generators that produce endothermic gas to protect the parts’ surface during heat treating. Degreasing options prior to heat treating include burn off or alkali chemical to remove customer applied oil on the surface of parts before carburizing. This assures consistent atmosphere in the furnace allowing consistent case depth to ensure the capabilities of the heat treat specification are met. Parts are also degreased after oil quenching, before tempering, using a vacuum alkali degreaser. This produces a clean part after processing. PT also offers the option to shot blast or vibratory polish of parts following heat treating. The line has the capability to flip the load to remove any quench oil in blind holes or parts with cup shapes.


Please contact us through our website if you would like to discuss continuous gas carburize/carbonitride for your components.