"Let Parker Trutec Protect"


Parker Trutec's Electrocoat process (also known as E-coat) offers metal protection that is among the highest of any coating technology available. Our metal protection performance meets all of the following characteristics:

Paint Color: Black
Film Thickness: 15 Microns or Higher
Film Hardness: 2H or Greater
Passes – 1000 Hour Salt Spray Test
Passes – 100/100 Scribe Adhesion Test
Passes – 50 Cycle Cylic Corrosion Test
Passes – 240 Hour Hot Salt Water Soak Test
Passes – 240 Hour Humidity Resistance Test
Passes – 240 Hour Warm Water Soak Test

See our complete list of Parker Trutec's on-site Coating Lab Testing Equipment

Parker Trutec's E-Coat process meets or exceeds most automotive specifications including:

GM 4350M Honda 5100Z-SE0-0000 Toyota TSH2354G
GM 4384M Honda 5100Z-SG0-A000 Toyota TSH3600G
GM 9984017 Honda 5100Z-TR0-6000 PACCAR CMT0030
GM 9984070 Honda HES D2021 Ford WSK-M2P153-A5

These are only some of the many specifications our E-Coating process can meet.
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