"Let Parker Trutec Protect"


Parker Trutec offer customers one-source convenience in the heat treating and finishing of metal components of all sizes, metal grades and shapes. Our cleaning and finishing processes will achieve these important goals:
  1. Improve the appearance and value of the final product
  2. Assure a finish with greater precision and accuracy in the final polishing stage
  3. Allow greater precision during assembly and prevent contamination
  4. Prevent or minimize abrasion, noise or vibration
  5. Prevent fouling by grease and lubricating oil
  6. Prepare the part for painting or plating
  7. Remove flash from pressed and machine-processed parts
  8. Remove die lines
  9. Improve compressive strength
  10. Change the part's color through burnishing
  • Shot Blasting (Tumbler and Hanger type)
  • Barrel finishing (Vibrating and Rotating type)
  • Buffing
  • Drill finishing
  • Clamping press
Metal shot blasting and cleaning is offered at Parker Trutec's Springfield (Ohio), Tennessee and Arkansas facilities. Contact any of these plants to see how Parker Trutec can service your ISONITE requirements.