"Let Parker Trutec Protect"


Parker Trutec is proud to lead the North American Auto Industry in E-coating large "Class A" Service Parts. Parker Trutec offers:
  • The highest E-Coat corrosion protection available. We meet the most demanding performance requirements in the industry
  • Quality and Service that is "Best in Industry".
  • Convenient Midwest location in Ohio with easy access to Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and the Southeastern United States.
  • Years of experience serving most major automotive manufacturers.
  • Parker Trutec offers a number of specialized services designed exclusively for the OEM service part customers including a number of specialized services and on-site short term warehousing.
  • Parker Trutec can E-Coat Aluminum "Class A" service parts
  • Capacity to E-Coat large OEM service parts, check out our equipment size specifications
  • Parker Trutec's coating lab testing offers a wide variety of on-site testing.
  • To learn more about e-coating click on "what is e-coating" for more information
Please contact Parker Trutec to learn how we can support your Service Parts E-Coating requirements.