"Let Parker Trutec Protect"


Listed below are the Parker Trutec coating equipment size specifications for product processing:

Lab / Trial Parts Automated Phosphate Line

Basket Processing
Max Size: 20" X 30" X 16"
Max Weight: 500 lbs.

Phosphate and Bonderlube

Basket Processing
Max Size: 45" X 40" X 40"
Max Weight: 5000 lbs.

Barrel Processing
Max Size: 32" X 48"
Max Weight: 5000 lbs.

Large E-Coating Line

Type: Indexing
Max Size: 5' X 11.5' X 5'
Max Weight: 450 lbs.
Max Sq. Ft.: 300

Small E-Coating Line

Type: Continuous Monorail
Max Size: 12" X 24" X 45"
Max Weight: 65 lbs.
Max Sq. Ft.: 35

Please contact Trutec to see how we can help you with your specific coating requirements.