"Let Parker Trutec Protect"


Parker Trutec Inc. is a subsidiary of Nihon Parkerizing Co., LTD. a recognized industry leader in heat treating and metal coating technologies throughout Asia and the United States.
  • Parker Trutec offers world class surface treatment services for most major automotive manufacturers.
  • Parker Trutec customers include:
    • Automotive Suppliers
    • Metal Stampers
    • Tool & Die
    • Machining Companies
Parker Trutec also serves the following industries:
  • Military
  • Firearms
  • Heavy transportation
  • Appliance Industry
Parker Trutec has 5 facilities conveniently located throughout North America including Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mexico. We offer the industry’s best combination of convenience, value and quality. Contact Parker Trutec today to learn how we can provide our world class expertise to your surface treatment project.